Talking to our kids about sex can be hard.
But it doesn’t have to be.
We want our kids to grow up with a healthy, whole, and biblical view of sex. But somewhere between the mixed messages of church and culture, far too many dads find themselves confused, lost, and tongue-tied.

Let us help you win the day.

We desire to be transformed, to grow more and more like Christ. But for many of us, our strategies for change don’t work. We misperceive God as a judgmental Father, leaving us demoralized and paralyzed by shame. Stumbling toward Wholeness offers a new strategy for spiritual growth and life transformation: regularly returning to the arms of a kind and loving Father.

Theology of the Womb Video Course is an in-depth video course that explores Christian womanhood through the text of the Theology of the Womb: Knowing God through the Body of a Woman. This course is made up of 11 videos about 10-15 minutes each and can aid as an extended story guide with a book club or Bible study. It also is ideal for readers who want to talk with the author more extensively about how this book can transform the reader’s personal story. Dr. Christy Vidrine Bauman is a therapist and theologian who can offer therapeutic and spiritual insights into your story. She focuses on understanding Scripture through the female lens, the body of a woman, including spirituality, sexuality, and psychology.