Andrew & Christy offer a 12-Month Mentorship program for therapists, consultants and/or coaches wanting to improve skills of connection and deep soul care for clients. Study their unique style of therapeutic approach of combining narrative trauma therapy (Allender Methodology) with somatic body work and psychodynamic work (Masters Methodology) rooted in a robust theological foundation. 


Have read and are familiar with Andrew and/or Christy’s work. Have participated in at least one intensive or sessions and have applied and been selected into the mentorship program. 


  • Monthly Individual Sessions
  • Additional Trainings & Resources 
  • Co-lead one weekend group intensive 

What you will receive?

  • A steady stream of referrals from the CCC: For Sexual Health & Trauma (The CCC receives anywhere from 5 to 20 referrals a week.) 
  • Transforming how you approach your practice 
  • If you are a WA state therapist you will receive supervision hours. 


A 12- Month Program -$5000 (Pay in monthly installments.) 

After the 12 month program you can renew your yearly commitment for $100 a month to stay on the CCC referral network and receive free materials and free ongoing training. 

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