Andrew J. Bauman

Co-Founder & Director of the CCC, Andrew J. Bauman is a licensed mental health counselor with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. He spent 10 years studying under Dr. Dan Allender. Andrew is the author of Floating Away, Stumbling Toward Wholeness, The Psychology of Porn, and (with Christy) A Brave Lament.
Christian Counseling Center
Christian Counseling Center

Christy V. Bauman

Co-Founder & Director of the CCC, Dr. Christy Vidrine Bauman is an author, teacher, and psychotherapist. A mother of 4, a fierce dreamer, and passionate about advocating for women.

Christy received her Bachelors’s degree from Texas A&M in 2002 and then her Masters in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in 2007 and her doctorate at Seattle Pacific University and is researching Shame and Sexuality in Women in 2020. She published the book Unearth in 2008, A Brave Lament in 2018, and Theology of the Womb in 2020. She is certified in Medical Family Therapy and Trauma and Abuse.

Melissa Mayburgh 

Melissa is the administrative assistant with the CCC. She is also a Christian content writer and theology student. She has a compassionate desire to see the hurting healed, and excited about helping you connect with the services of the CCC!

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CCC Affiliate

Elizabeth Schrock

Elizabeth is a mental health counselor and coach with CCC. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Seattle Pacific University in 2011 and Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in 2016. Elizabeth is passionate about helping women journey through their stories and places of harm and darkness in order to breathe hope, find meaning, and fight for goodness.

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CCC Affiliate

Jessica Bahr

Jessica is a trauma-informed mental health and relationship coach and a CCC affiliate. She is passionate about working with those who have suffered betrayal trauma and helping people achieve sexual health and wholeness. She has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. She works with people from all faiths and those who are seekers. Jessica is also a certified yoga instructor.

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If none of our affiliate counselors/ coaches are a good fit for you, please reach out and we will help find a better fit. Our affilates partner with our organization and share our heart for healing.