Therapeutic Experience

  1. Do you need to heal in your relationship with women?

Do you need to heal in your relationship with men?

For far too long, the church has isolated men and women for fear of acting out sexually. What if we fully faced each other? What if we deal with our deepest pain and heartache? Can we face our deepest gender wounds and become new?

As Dr. Diane Poole Heller says, “We are not capable of healing in isolation. We need other people. We are hurt in relationship and we heal in relationship. Our brain and nervous system are not isolated, but interconnected and social. At our core, we are social beings who regulate through connection with others… Learning how to feel safe with others is revolutionary.”


Recovering Men & Women

This group retreat is for recovering abusive men and women who have been healing from abuse. To deepen your healing and liberation.


Brevard, North Carolina, USA


November 7th-10th, 2024

Thursday 5pm – Sunday 5pm

Cost: $1,850


From men who have participated in our retreats